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GameDay Open Thread: Stanford vs. USC



Stanford at USC

Thursday February 22nd - 7:30PM PST
The Galen Center – Los Angeles, CA



SC has a chance to get one back against Stanford tonight at the Galen Center. A win tonight gets us back on track after the embarrassing loss to ASU on Sunday. As we look forward to the tournament I am more worried about seeding at this point. I think we will be in the tournament, unless the wheels completely fall off, so wins are needed to improve our seeding hope.

Keys to the game

  • Gibson must stay fresh- I'm a little worried about his level of fatigue and he will need a lot of help down low. He will need it, as the Lopez brothers are sure to have a strong presence.
  • Run early and run often- SC's speed is a big advantage against these big guys. We saw it against Arizona and we need it now. If SC can bring a little "Showtime" to the Galen Center tonight I see no reason why they can't wear the Lopez boys down. When they play an up-tempo game they are unbeaten.
  • Stay Aggressive on Defense- the defense has had some fits and starts this season so now is the time to settle in and play them close.
As always leave your comments questions and rants here. I will have a game summary tomorrow.