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Bracket Buster?

So does SC's loss to ASU hurt their chances for a birth in the NCAA tournament?

I don't know but the selection committee can be fickle at times so it's anyone's guess. I do know this though regardless of some think SC is ahead of where most expected them to be as many thought SC wouldn't start to surge until next season. The fact is that while I'm no basketball aficionado I have enjoyed watching this team play this year and look forward to seeing what they can do in the future. For some the expectations are high, for others like me I am pleasantly surprised and will take what I can get. We don't have the "tradition" that others seem to live for and sometimes that can be a good thing as hopes can be dashed when things don't go your way it's kind of like playing with house money.

Tim Floyd said they were an NIT team, until they make the Tournament and win a couple of rounds that just what they'll be. I know the players are disappointed with that tag but it is what it is. I have said before that we aren't there yet and this loss shows that we have a ways to go but I am pleased because we haven't been there before and we weren't expected to be there until next year.

Giving ASU, which was averaging 54.6 points in the Pac-10, 47 in the second half was almost as inexplicable as it was inexcusable.

Blowing a nine-point lead in the last 17 minutes and getting outscored 45-26 was worse.

"When we talked about this trip, this was the game we were worried about," said guard Gabe Pruitt, who had a game-high 22 points, eight rebounds, five assists and three steals and was the only Trojan who played like he understood that no team had ever gone 0-18 in the Pac-10.

"Very, very, very disappointing," said Nick Young, who had 11 points after scoring 26 at Arizona. "Everybody (in the Pac-10) was scared to play 'em."

It's no wonder the 6,758 stunned fans in Wells Fargo Arena had to be prodded with big videoboard signs imploring them to "STAND UP AND CHEER." After all, ASU hadn't beaten a ranked team in four years, going 0-22.

I was a little disappointed to read last week that Taj Gibson feels he is wearing down as the season has gone on. I can understand it but I'm not sure that it's the right thing to put that out there for our opponents to see. My response is simply welcome to the next level, if you think its tough now wait till you get to the pros.

His production having appreciably tailed off over the last three games, forward Taj Gibson acknowledged Sunday evening that he was wearing down a bit toward the end of an otherwise impressive freshman season.

Gibson missed all seven shots and went scoreless for the first time in his college career during the No. 22 Trojans' 68-58 loss to Arizona State at Wells Fargo Arena, though he did grab 10 rebounds.

"At times I'm a little banged up," said Gibson, who has eight double-doubles but none since Jan. 4. "It's just all around on my body.... This is rough."

I would say get used to it as it will get tougher as you become more successful and the competition gets better.

I've heard all the talk that Tim Floyd is a lousy recruiter and that his record doesn't get better as his tenure goes on, who knows, like I said I'm no expert so we'll just have to wait and see. What I do know is that there has been a buzz in regards to USC basketball and while we don't know what the outcome will it has been great to watch. Maybe this loss to ASU was the wake-up call they needed going into their final four games and if they make the tournament and drop out in the first round of course it will be disappointing but not as disappointing as having the high expectations that other programs have only to fall short of what they see as their birthright.

SC should make the tourney this year but this loss to ASU will surly hurt their seeding and that is a disappointment. These guys have played their hearts out and given it their all. So when I see others laugh and chuckle about our recent misfortune I will only say this- not winning the whole enchilada will fall short of those expectations and what will happen then...

Like I said, playing with house money.