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Back in the Game!!

OK, I'm back from the west coast. I can't believe how much San Diego has changed since my departure twenty years ago. The Gas Lamp District is great and the general feel of the city was just awesome.  Things were great out there. Caught up with some past acquaintances and customers had a great meeting with guy I trained with over 20 years ago. It was actually the first time I actually thought about moving back out there after living out there on the east coast for so long.

While I was in L.A., I had a chance to go by SC bookstore and to pick up some swag and saw the Galen Center, it is absolutely beautiful. USCLink and I tired to hook up but our schedules didn't work out. Great visits with the family and I missed the nasty snow storm that the NYC area on Wednesday.

A big thanks to DC Trojan and Displaced Trojan for keeping things moving while I was away.

So where are we and what's in store? Well, having been in San Diego for the past week the "Carroll to the Chargers" rumors are pretty hot down there. I will post on that later. SC Hoops buried one losing streak in Arizona and let ASU bury their own last night I will post on that later as well.

I've got some things to tend to this morning around the old homestead so look for those later on today.