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The Rumor that Won't Go Away

Let me say this now, Pete Carroll is going to the NFL.

Ok now that that's out of the way- it may not be today and it may not be tomorrow but it is going to happen. That is the last hurdle Pete Carroll wants to conquer. Guys like Pete Carroll are competitors and they are always looking for the next challenge. I realize that he has said that wants to be at SC but in the end it is unrealistic for anyone to expect Pete Carroll to stay at SC forever.

Of course the latest rumor is that PC is in the running for the Chargers head-coaching job. No surprise there but I have heard in the not to distant past that he was very interested in the job and while I wouldn't be surprised if he was there is little thing of "control" that could be a problem. As A.J. Smith is the GM and that was part of the problem with Marty Schottenheimer, they just couldn't get along.

But if you read this article that obstacle could be removed.

I've known the Spanos family for two decades now, and one thing I know is they never make a move without a full, long-range plan. Maybe we don't see this plan like he does.

Could it be that Spanos is really angling to lure Pete Carroll away from USC? Two rumors that don't want to go away support this seemingly far-fetched idea.

Rumor One: Adam Schefter of NFL Network speculated Spanos will fire general manager A.J. Smith after the April draft. That would complete a threat Spanos told me he made to Smith and Schottenheimer last year when he told them to get along or they would both be gone.

If Smith is out of the equation, enter Rumor Two: That would open the door for Carroll.

Carroll has said he is not interested in the job. As the job stands today, why would he want to come here and play second fiddle to Smith and have no say in how the organization is run? He wouldn't want any part of that.

But if he were offered total control of the organization, plus a barrel full of Spanos' money, then he would have to rethink his position.

Makes some sense, but if that were the case why not just fire Smith now and go get carroll? The longer they wait to make a move the tougher it will be for Carroll to put his team in place for the upcoming season. I know Pete Carroll is a motivated individual who like challenges but this would be a tough way to start off your tenure and LT has stated that some on the Chargers would not be happy with someone coming in and completely revamping the team as is sure to take place without a either a OC or a DC

The Chargers are built to go deep into the play-offs so whomever they get as a head coach would best be served by not changing things too much. I really don't see this happening and I write this Norv Turner has just been named the Chargers head coach so the point is moot.

Some day Pete Carroll will leave SC but I believe that won't happen for some time. So lets focus on the season to come and worry about the rest later.