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Game Day Thread: USC vs Arizona State

GameDay Open Thread: USC vs. Arizona State


19 - 7

#19 USC at Arizona St

Sunday February 18, 2007 5:00 PT
Wells Fargo Arena - Tempe, Arizona

Arizona State

6 - 19

(This time, I won't forget to post the &**&%^ game day thread post.)

The Trojans are coming off a solid win against Arizona and driving up Interstate 10 about 110 miles to play Arizona State in Tempe.

Arizona State isn't getting much joy out of basketball this season - they're 6 - 19 overall and have a perfect record in the Pac-10: 0 - 14. However, they are not entirely teh suxxorz; in their last game, against UCLA, the Bruins had to rally from 10 points behind for an overall 18 point run, in order to win 67 - 61.

So, the Sundevils aren't to be overlooked -- hopefully by the end of the game on Sunday they'll just be overcooked. (ha-ha!)