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News and Notes

Just a couple of things for today.

  • The Rose Bowl turned down USC's request for a lease to play at the Rose Bowl. That's fine, I'm not surprised nor am I disappointed. SC should play at the Coliseum and they need to get the deal done. Wednesday's meeting with the Coliseum Commission seems to have the two parties back in the negotiations. I'm not sure if SC played this right, but I understand their frustration and the Commission is obviously living in dreamland and dragging their feet if they think they are getting an NFL team. Its not happening. The mayors comments are hollow and until the mayor and the state either break up the commission or do some other action to force the commissions hand its just hot air.
  • Tomorrow SC plays Fresno Pacific at the Galen Center. This is a thank you from coach Floyd to head coach Jim Saia for the work he did at SC as interim coach in the 2004-05 season.
  • Women's Soccer takes center stage this afternoon as USC takes on #1 ucla in the semifinals of the College Cup at 4 p.m in College Station Texas. It's nice to see the rivalry between the two schools extend in other areas. Lets hope the lady Trojans can avenge their loss to ucla earlier this year. This is young team so it quite an accomplishment for them to be in this position. Good Luck Ladies!
  • As was mentioned in the diaries Fred Davis won the Mackey Award for the nations best Tight End. I was disappointed that Sedrick Ellis didn't win an award. Fight On Freddie!
  • I did see the Yahoo report about the upcoming book on Reggie Bush and how it may impact the NCCA's investigation into that whole mess. I will have more later, but once again I find it interesting that no other major news outlet is reporting this and that the new "witnesses" have family ties to Lloyd Lake, like they have no vested interest...right. AS I said be fore my only concern is USC, The Bush clan made their bed now they can lie in it. More later.