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Having your Cake...

Let me first explain why I follow this situation so closely. Sooner or later Pete Carroll will leave for the NFL, when that happens our own coaching search will be on and it will be important to all SC fans that the next coach keep some semblance of continuity. Pete Carroll will be difficult to replace and a drop-off from the results we currently enjoy is sure to happen so who ever is hired across town could conceivably have a head start on whoever replaces coach Carroll. Our rivals are sure to get the ship righted at some point as no team stays down forever so that is why it is important to keep tabs on the goings on across town.

I have watched with passing interest the whole situation on Karl Dorrell and his subsequent firing. Bruin fans have a vested interest in who becomes the next coach as whomever they hire are sure to be there 5 years or more. That's important because we be looking for a new coach at some point in the future and it will be imperative to get someone who can do as good a job as Pete Carroll has done at USC.

What intrigues me the most about the coaching search across town is the wide differences in opinions in who ucla should go after to replace Dorrell. There has been a lot of talk out of both the fan base and the administration as to what the qualifications of the next coach should be. That's fine, you have to have a plan. All the candidates mentioned have their own unique qualities some good some bad etc. but the one thing that most of the fan base is adamant about is that Defensive Coordinator Dewayne Walker should not be considered for the HC job, again that's fine as it would appear to this outsider that he does not meet any of the prerequisites that both the fans and Dan Guerrero have laid out.

What's interesting to me though is that a number of fans seem to think that keeping Walker as DC is a viable option if for example Mike Leach is hired. Walker can provide a defense that Leach has always lacked in his game plan while also maintaining the recent successes in recruiting. In theory that is good thinking, in reality it's not happening. Walker has been much maligned across town as a mediocre DC, if that's true then why would you want him on the new staff at all? To be fair, there are some that want a clean break altogether, that is honorable. But for those who maligned Walker then but now think that he should stay to stabilize the defense that disingenuous at best and downright pitiful at worst. You know, having your cake and eating too...

If Walker isn't given the chance to be the HC he's gone; with an opportunity at another head coaching job at Wazzu along with the general lack of faith in Walker within the fan base why would he stay? They got their wish across town when they got rid of Dorrell but that is only half the battle, finding a suitable replacement that fits all the criteria they have laid out by itself will be tough. Couple that with the pay and admissions restrictions and some potential candidates will take a second look and decide that it's not for them. Chris Petersen has already turned down the ucla job though until everyone's bowl games are over I have hard time believing that anyone would seriously consider a job like ucla unless they really want to distract their team as they go into a bowl game.

Most important through all this is that there are no guarantees that who ever they pick will be successful. I hope they pick Leach because it will be fun to watch his offense at work, it will also be fun because Leach will do some crazy stuff that is sure either piss people off or just make you chuckle. Pete Carroll was a 4th or 5th choice and there was a lot of grumblings about his hire. The bruins could get their man and it could turn out to be a disaster they could also be in the spot we were and strike gold, no one knows. But this I do know, the guy they get will some serious demands placed on him with some tough restrictions to deal with as well and that's where the challenge will lie.