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I see some up upside!

AO will be by with a game review later but I wanted to put my observations out there from what I saw first hand last night.

Having watched both games against Kansas and Memphis I was in a number of areas but I was also impressed at SC's ability to hang with the big boys.

A couple of points before offer up what I saw last night:

  • This was a sloppy game by both teams, there was some atrocious play.
  • This was a physical game but there were missed calls by the officials on both teams that made me feel like I was watching a football game.
  • SC can play some defense so I don't want to hear about this just being an offensive team.
This is still a young and immature team and in some areas it shows. Other areas are out of our control, we don't have a big man who can really be a force in the middle and grab some rebounds. Both Memphis and Kansas play some very tough defense and you could see SC was having trouble getting rebounds on both ends of the court. But I will say that played much better than they did against Kansas that they had a chance at the end against the #2 team to me says a lot, they are coming together.

While I noted earlier that we can play some defense it seemed to me that SC always seemed to miss the guy out on the perimeter who knocked in a couple of 3's, may be AO or DJ89 can explain to how those rotations work? But they just seemed to miss it on a regular basis but they were lucky that Memphis went a little cold on their 3-point shooting.

I was disappointed at Mayo's shooting, he is trying too hard to be the hero. Hackett is a scrappy player and he really does a great job directing this team, the only mark against him was the missed free throw at the end but if SC made some other shots it would not have mattered. Jefferson continues to impress but he missed some tip in's that also could have been difference makers.

I was pleased with some of what I saw last night and I would agree with Coach Floyd that this team has come a long way but they also have a long way to go.