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And then there were two...

Just in case you hadn't seen this anywhere else, Temple's Coach Al Golden withdrew himself from consideration for the UCLA head coach position. This leaves the two known remaining candidates, Rick Neuheisel and DeWayne Walker. Evidently Walker has also been talking to Tyrone Willingham regarding the defensive coordinator vacancy at Washington.

It's actually not totally surprising that Golden might want to withdraw. Pretty much anything he can do at Temple would be an improvement year-to-year, which would have to be preferable - at his age / experience level - to taking on the expectations in Westwood of immediate improvement on the field.

As for the remaining candidates, for all the snarky comments that can be made about Neuheisel, I can't see why you wouldn't pick him over Walker. Walker's still pretty inexperienced, whereas even if Neuheisel had shown no improvement over the last several years, you'd still get a couple of good years out of the team before his recruits came on tap... and if Slick Rick has improved, it would certainly be more than a couple of years' worth of improvement. Worked for the Ravens, right?