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An L.A. Legend Passes

Just a few quick thoughts on the passing of the great Stu Nahan who passed away today from Lymphoma, he was a legend to me and was a big part of my life when it came to sports when I was growing up.

Growing up in LA I can remember the sports reports of a number of broadcasters that went on to bigger and better things. There was Brent Musberger over on CBS2, there was Bryant Gumble over on KNBC who was replaced by Ross Porter and on KABC there was Stu Nahan. Nahan was no nonsense and very knowledgeable and had a very distinctive voice.

From The LAT:

Stu Nahan, a onetime minor-league hockey goalie who delivered sports reports on Los Angeles television and radio for decades, died Wednesday. He was 81.

Nahan had battled lymphoma, a form of cancer, since being diagnosed in January 2006.

In 1968, Nahan began doing nightly sports reports on KABC Channel 7. He moved to KNBC Channel 4 in 1977 and to KTLA Channel 5 in 1988, retiring from television in 1999.

Over the summer I lost a family member with whom I was very close and watching Nahan's sports reports with that person were part of the fond memories I had growing up with that person. The L.A. sports scene has always been a rough market and Nahan handled it with ease.

So, a tip of the hat to one of my favorite Broadcasters...he will be missed and with him go some of the memories of my childhood.

Rest In Peace Friend.