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USC vs. Illinois - The Rose Bowl

With utter chaos ensuing within the BCS yesterday the big question this morning was who would SC play on January 1st.

The LAT has confirmed that it will be Illinois.

Ohio State and Louisiana State will play for the Bowl Championship Series national title on Jan. 7 in the Louisiana Superdome, while Hawaii qualified for an at-large spot in a BCS game.

Ohio State finished No. 1 in the final BCS standings that will be released later today, according to a source, and LSU jumped all the way from No. 7 to No. 2 to seize the second spot.

Also, as expected, USC will face Illinois in the Rose Bowl.

Let me first state that SC was too far out of it to get to the title game, the loss to Stanford continues to haunt us. With LSU winning the SEC Championship game and Ohio State finishing their season weeks ago it looked like those two teams would be in the title game.

I for one plan on getting my teeth cleaned and while also having a colonoscopy that evening so that I won't have to watch that boring game. Ohio State has no business being in that game with the easy schedule they have played and while I am no fan of loudmouth Les they did win their conference championship game, it's a risk you take in the SEC and they beat the odds. For my money it should be Oklahoma against LSU.

As for the Rose Bowl, I now had a hard time believing that we would play Georgia. The Pac-10 will always look to grab a Big 10 opponent if available and Illinois was it. The Sugar Bowl, provided LSU goes to the title game, will take UGA as their natural bowl tie in. Once again the imperfect BCS system gives us an imperfect post-season that is sure to produce some very boring match-ups.

Illinois has played some great football this season and they should not be taken for granted. Their win over Ohio State was a great performance and because I take no opponent for granted SC needs to be careful of Juice Williams, as he is very mobile and SC has had issues with mobile QB's in the past.

So it's just how we thought it would be. As he game gets closer we will take a close look at Illinois.