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Friday News and Notes

Just a few things to get the day going.

Kasey Cunningham will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL and a torn Lateral Meniscus. Meniscal tears are not uncommon in patients who tear their ACL.

Cunningham was just starting to show his potential as a rebounder and defender after a 22-month injury layoff when the USC redshirt freshman again tore a knee ligament in practice Wednesday.

Now the 6-foot-7, 225-pound forward faces surgery that will sideline him for the remainder of the season and another lengthy rehabilitation program. Cunningham had torn the same anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during his senior year of high school and spent all of last season recuperating.

"It's really sad," said Coach Tim Floyd, who last week had singled out Cunningham as his team's most pleasant surprise. "He was just that rock that we could rely on. He was the hardest-working guy we had in practice."

That's really a shame as he would have been a real important piece to the puzzle. It's not uncommon to re injure a surgically repaired ligament so his rehab is going to be a bit longer than normal. Hang in there, Kasey! Get well soon.

The Lady Trojans fell short against #1Stanford at the NCAA Final Four in Volleyball last night in Sacramento. I watched a good portion of it on ESPN2 and the ladies after looking a little shaky in the 3rd game the played great in to take the Cardinal to a fifth and deciding game.

Just when Asia Kaczor appeared poised to power fifth-seeded USC past top-seeded Stanford and into the NCAA Division I women's volleyball championship, the Cardinal capitalized on two of her rare mistakes to save its season.

Kaczor served long on match point and was blocked on the next play, then the Cardinal finished off a Game 5 win over its Pacific 10 Conference rival Thursday night at Arco Arena.

Heart breaking. Great run ladies!

The Coliseum Commission presented USC with its proposal in regards to a long-term lease with the school. Let me just say this based on what I read in the LAT this morning they are no closer to getting it done and I have a hard time believing that this will be settled amicably. I still think SC holds most of the cards here based on their willingness to pump 100 million in the structure, some that the commission wouldn't do even if it had the money. They must secretly still hold out hope of an NFL team coming in and saving the day but that won't happen.

The school received a lease proposal Thursday, a day after the commission held a special meeting to hammer out an offer. Although neither side is talking, sources familiar with the negotiations say the commission's proposal neither cedes control of the stadium nor commits to structural improvements.

USC has offered to invest $100 million in the Coliseum in exchange for a master lease agreement that would allow it to run the stadium.

Last week, after considering a lease offer from USC, the Rose Bowl Operating Co. urged the school to continue trying to work out its differences with the commission. Officials from the Pasadena stadium also stressed the importance of UCLA's approval of any proposed deal, since it is the main tenant.

I also think its a long shot that SC will play at the Rose Bowl. You know ucla really doesn't want us there, as it didn't work 25 or so years ago when the two teams shared the same venue. The RBC would love to get their hands on those dollars to make its own improvements so I would not be surprised if they tried to get ucla to agree to some sort of lease. As I have said before any dollars that the RBC can generate to make improvements to the building only helps ucla in the long run. And with ucla having a tough enough time securing the funds for the Pauley renovation you know there is NO money in their budget to help out the RBC in making any improvements there so they would be foolish not to at least entertain the idea if for nothing more than monetary reasons.

Money talks, so in the end I see the mayor and the governor disbanding or restructuring the Commission so that this will get done.

We will start looking at Illinois next week in anticipation of the Rose Bowl.