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Sore Losers??

One of our readers sent us this.

The Sore Loser Award

The UCLA players who ditched their post-match press conference. I know it was a tough loss, but the deal is you do the press conference, win or lose.

I am often amused when certain members of our rival's fan base make snide comments about how some USC athletes are classless when they don't shake hands or such nonsense. It happens right or wrong, these athletes are kids and sometimes they act like it.

Saying that some athletes are worse than others just because they go to a certain school is petty and childish in and of itself. I'm sure the lady bruins were disappointed on a number of levels after this disappointing loss to their cross-town rival's that just happened to knock them out of the title game while being #1. To us it's not quite 13-9 but to the players it is.

Yes its disappointing that they didn't show up for the press conference because they were disappointed about the loss and it would be easy for me to point fingers and call them classless but that's not my style, but at the same time it is legitimate to ask if their reason was because they were sore losers. In the end they're kids and they make mistakes, it happens.

To those who would rationalize it...pot please meet kettle.