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As the Recruiting World Turns

I don't follow too much recruiting news during this part of the season. Too many things can happen and the last minute flurry of activity can spawn all sorts of rumors. That being said there have been some interesting things that have been happening over the past couple of weeks so I thought I would throw my .2 cents in.

Earlier this evening I saw a report that USC commit Chris Polk de-committed from USC and committed to UW. Now this sort of stuff happens all the time, we saw it last season with James Wilson De-committing from SC to play at UF. But I find it interesting that after Willingham dodged a bullet by keeping his job, which cost the UW AD his job, that Ty had a spark of life out there and went after one of SC's early commits.

Last week 5-star JUCO receiver Carl Moore committed to UF after supposedly giving USC a "silent" verbal then changed his mind when UF offered Moore's girlfriend a gymnastics scholarship. Urban Meyer really pulls out all the stops, as it has also been reported that that Meyer is bringing Pastor Tebow to a home visit with USC prospect Arthur Brown. I'll give him points for originality.

Bobby Petrino going to Arkansas will put an interesting twist in the battle for Arkansas standout Joe Adams. Adams committed to USC a couple of months ago but don't think that Petrino won't also pull out all the stops to try and get that Arkansas home grown talent back into the fold. After Petrino's despicable treatment of the Atlanta Falcons I know exactly how SC will counter Petrino's advances on Adams.

The news isn't all bad though. The coaching uncertainty across town has made a few bruin commits reconsider their commitment to ucla. One of those is Derrick Coleman who while still committed to ucla is reconsidering and is looking hard at USC.

Who knows how it will all end up, but it all the drama makes for some interesting reading. USC is in a tough spot they have a ton of talent on its depth chart so they will lose out on some these kids who commit after they take a second look. SC is not for everyone, Moody transferred when he felt that he was being ignored. There have been other rumors that a few SC players will transfer after the season because of playing time and such. Some kids don't want to compete once they see the talent that SC has amassed, others will step up thinking they can break in, those are the types of kids SC wants and we will make the most out them.

You can't stay on top forever but SC sure does try