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Rose Bowl Bound!!!

Player of the Game - Terrell Thomas Photo - Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Well, it wasn't pretty and it was downright frustrating at times but it was really never in doubt. I can't really say I am satisfied either with all the injuries on their offense it was shooting ducks in a barrel. Heck even the revenge factor didn't mean much. Cowan was like a pinball out there. He did show some flashes especially on that drive where they scored the TD. The bruin defense was so so and not as dominating as last years contest. They made some plays but the SC offense made more.

SC looked sloppy and out of sync for a portion of this game. It could have been much worse for the bruins. Booty threw a pick that should have been a TD but he threw it inside instead of up. McKnight was on a great run when he was hit from behind an fumbled and Chauncey got tripped up by the ref on a run that looked like it was a sure TD. Penalties were an issue again but with ucla not doing much on offense and the bruin defense not getting a lot of pressure on Booty it really didn't matter.

I think it is safe to say that Karl Dorrell is gone. He looked hopelessly clueless out there. It's a shame really, former players always dream of coaching for their alma mater but it is clear he was woefully out of his depth and the way his detractors have treated him are an embarrassment to the institution as a whole. I do not feel bad for Karl Dorrell for his performance as a coach but I do feel bad for Karl Dorrell as a former player and bruin alum for the way he has been treated and maligned. I will never allow that to happen to ANY former USC player regardless of infraction on this site. We don't have to like the actions of some of our former players but I will allow them to be treated like that here on CC.

Moving on...

We will have more tomorrow as our Rose Bowl opponent really isn't known yet as other games are still being played. Post your thoughts, comments or rants here. This is our post-game thread.