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GameDay Open Thread - USC vs.ucla

Photo: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

So here we go!

For all the Pac-10 marbles. Win and we're in...

This will be an interesting game to say the least. SC want to send a message and avenge last years loss. ucla is playing for pride and not much else. Karl Dorrell is trying save his ucla coaching career but I'm pretty sure that Dorrell's time at ucla is up.

SC needs to come out firing to set the tone early, we know what Walker will attempt to do in regards to Booty so Booty needs to just keep his composure and make the plays just like last weeks game against Arizona State. The defense needs to put the pressure on Cowan, Dorrell's decision to start him is puzzling because he is not 100% and his conditioning is also suspect this move only shows how desperate he is to win.

There really isn't much else to say.

Leave your comments questions ore general rants here. If you are going to the Coliseum BE LOUD and cheer our guys on!