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Blog World Expo Live Thread Day #2

OK so here we go for day #2 at the Blog World Expo.

the first topic today is Sports Blogging and Access.

Panelists include: Adam Morris from Lone Star Ball, Matt Cerrone from, Larry Borowsky from Viva El Birdos and Tyler from Athletics Nation.

10:25AM PST - Blez makes the case for building relationships with anyone connected to the team especially the beat writers. Bashing beat writers if you are looking for access or potential inside info is not the way to go.

10:35AM PST - Adam Morris doesn't want that access as he feels that a bloggers access could make it difficult to be objective when you have to deal with those people day in and day out. He agrees with Blez that if you want access you will potentially pay a price when you have to take a position that might not be popular with the team.

10:40AM PST - Matt Cerrone feels access is necessary in order to formulate informed opinions.

All the panelist's agree that access is gained by using respectful tactics. Find a way to disarm the potential interviewee by submitting the questions in advance, make the questions non threatening. if you are looking to interview the GM or a player/personnel person stay away from direct questions on about why a trade was etc. Building your credibility by not using hardball questions goes a long way to gaining access. Frame the request in their needs. Make it a win/win for them. going in with selfish motivations is surefire way to turn the team off.

Update [2007-11-9 16:40:29 by Paragon SC]: OK, session 2 is about to get underway. Topic: David vs. Goliath: Sports Blogs vs. the Traditional Media. Panelists include: Jamie Mottram, Will Leitch, Matt Sussman and Chris Ballard and is moderated by Al Yellon.

1:33PM PST - Will Leitch thinks there can be good relationship between blogs and the MSM. Jamie Mottram asks the question are we competing with the MSM, should we? the thought process is that there can be a peaceful coexistence.

1:50PM PST - The question was posted by Al Yellon; what do blogs do well? all the panelists agree on the following:

1- Speed Kills, Bloggers can get stories up almost a s fast as they break.

2- Flexibility, Bloggers can post text, photos or polls. Posts can be 10 words or 1000 words.

The MSM is good at meeting the deadline and they have the resources to do some really great in depth pieces.

2:00PM PST - Great question from the audience; has the speed of blogosphere forced the MSM to try and match what the blogosphere does in regards to posting up quick content.

2:03PM PST - great question from Rob Neyer in the audience; would any blogger jump at the chance to work within the MSM for a 50% pay raise? I'm not sure what my answer would be.

3:13PM PST - Al brings up the question about how general Bloggers address stories vs. team specific blogs cover stories particularly in cases like the Duke LAX case or the Mark Sanchez Sexual assault case which I brought up in the discussion.

3:25PM PST - Interesting opinion on whether writing in long form or quick compact article works better for blogs. Opinions vary but all agree that it depends on the subject matter.

Thats it. Session II is over and I am done for the day. This was a great experience. I hope I was able to bring a small fragment of what was discussed at this informative meeting.