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Blog World Expo Live Thread

I am here in Las Vegas for the Blog World Expo. A number of SB Nation Bloggers will be presenting on a number of different topics. I am going to try and do a little live blogging on some of the high points and things going here at the meeting.

I'm not sure how it will work out, but this medium has exploded and there will a number of topics discussed that directly affect how this medium will move forward in the future.

The Key Note speech is about to start.

Update [2007-11-8 11:55:40 by Paragon SC]: Dave Thomas get things started introducing Ed Sussman from Masento Ventures and Matt Mullenwig from Word Press. They are discussing the starting of the Word Press Platform.

Update [2007-11-8 12:0:50 by Paragon SC]: Wow Word Press has had a 100 million users/visits with only 18 staff members.

Update [2007-11-8 12:9:30 by Paragon SC]: Matt's Tricks to get noticed: Passionate content! Couldn't agree more.

Update [2007-11-8 12:10:0 by Paragon SC]: Social Networking is important but the best profile you could ever write is your blog. There needs to be open linking between the two.

Update [2007-11-8 12:15:55 by Paragon SC]: Video Blogging is the future if the content is original...

Update [2007-11-8 12:31:6 by Paragon SC]: Google is probably going to make Ad Sense easier as they continue to find ways to drive traffic the where they want it to go. Key Note session over.

Update [2007-11-8 12:58:57 by Paragon SC]: OK, I'm heading over to the sports Blogging track of sessions where I plan to be all day.

Update [2007-11-8 13:19:52 by Paragon SC]: Blez from Athletics Nation, SBN's Oakland Athletics Blog, leads off opening with the topic of Sports Bloggers ans Sports Journalists. Will Leitch from Deadspin, Rob Neyer from and Chris Ballard from Sports Illustrated.

Update [2007-11-8 14:49:41 by Paragon SC]: Great discussion going on the separation between the MSM and bloggers in general. the general consensus is that if you have great content that s not salacious in nature that is also credible and not rumor mongering you will be successful in building readership.

The subject of access came up and after hearing it I'm not sure I want Access or need access to effectively cover a team...interesting.

Update [2007-11-8 15:8:6 by Paragon SC]: more on Access - great comments about how gaining access to the press box or to the locker room can potentially risk that access if you dare to ask questions that the player/organization deems as unfair or not positive. The press box is even worse because it is frowned upon to openly cheer or root for a team. Larry Borowsky from Viva El Birdos, SBN's ST. Louis Cardinals Blog, brought up a great question about how blogs could potentially work hand in hand with the MSM in the future in regards to certain topics.

Update [2007-11-8 16:35:42 by Paragon SC]: With lunch fineshed, Session #2 "Sports Blogging: Struggle for respect" is about to get underway. Panelists include: Jaime Motthram formerly of AOL now of Yahoo, Dex Bustrade from SBN's Padres Blog Gas Lamp Ball and and Al Yellon from SBN"s Bleed Cubbie Blue.

1:40pm PST - First question by Dex right out of the gate: whose respect are we, bloggers, trying to earn?

1:55pm PST - The question of profanity is brought up from the audience. When is it OK when is it too much. the thought process is that if you are looking to be recognized the MSM or their affiliates the best track to take is less is better.

Adam Morris from SBN's Texas Rangers Blog Lone Star Ball states the same goes with rumor mongering. If you want credibility its best to check your facts.

2:00pm PST - Steve Perrin from Clips Nation brings up a great point that the MSM often writes rumors but aren't held to the same standards that the Blogosphere is held to.

Update [2007-11-8 17:47:12 by Paragon SC]: Session #3 How to build an Audience for your sports blog. Panelists include Larry Borowsky from Viva El Birdos, Will Leitch from Deadspin, Matt Cerrone from and Blez from Athletics Nation. this panel is moderated by Adam Morris from Lone Star Ball.

2:55PM PST - Will Leitch says Regular posting is one of the keys building your community. he also said that posting at the same time will also build your community as your community will make the time to check your site to follow your posting schedule.

3:05PM PST - Larry Borowsky once again reiterates that content is king.

3:10PM PST - Matt from thinks that the MSM, as we have seen elsewhere, is starting to to embrace blogging as another medium for the MSM to get the word out.

3:20PM PST - All the panelists believe that the best traffic times are during the week during the regular business hours while its light on the weekends. Lots of people looking to kill time at work.

3:25PM PST - Will Leitch makes the case that there is difference between readership and traffic. you may get some spikes but the only thing that matters is what happens after the spike. Matt says you need to create an addiction for people to come back over and over.

3:30PM PST - for what its worth both Matt and Will do put a lot of faith in sites like Yardbarker or BallHype as they think it makes you look like you are trying too hard to get noticed. ALl panelists agree that being consistent with good content will build your site.

3:40PM PST - Larry says that another way to build credibility is to do things that will get you noticed by the MSM, things that are not being covered but merit being covered. look for original things...and thats it.

I am out for today I will have Day #2 up tomorrow.