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Cowan to Start against USC

I'm not surprised.

With the tenure of Karl Dorrell on its last legs KD is pulling out all the stops to pull out a win on Saturday and the final card he can play to givem a chance is to start Patrick Cowan. Of the three QB's that ucla has Cowan seems to be the most effective to run the bruin offense. The kid is real gamer I'll give him that, he got right up after that hit that Rey Rey put on him last year and he has shown he can be mobile, not Dennis Dixon mobile but he can move.

Patrick Cowan, who hasn't played since suffering a concussion and slight collapse of his right lung Nov. 3, will start at quarterback for UCLA against No. 8 Southern California on Saturday.

UCLA coach Karl Dorrell made the announcement after practice Thursday, saying Cowan would get the nod because of his mobility. Dorrell also said it's possible that Ben Olson and Osaar Rasshan would see action at quarterback as well against the Trojans.

Rasshan was 0-for-7 with one interception while playing the first half of UCLA's 16-0 victory over No. 18 Oregon last weekend. Olson played the second half -- his first action since injuring his left knee Oct. 6 -- and was 4-of-10 for 64 yards with one interception. Olson's knee is still bothering him.

Dorrell gave a hint of what was to come on Wednesday, saying: "This is a pretty fast defense. Whoever is playing has to have his mobility. That's a concern with Ben, given his injury and his recovery from the injury."

I really don't think Dorrell has a choice. Ben Olson looks to be a fragile as tissue paper and Rasshan while being very mobile is one-dimensional, at least Cowan can run and throw the ball. I think SC was preparing to see multiple QB's thrown at them as ucla's offense sputters so this shouldn't be a big deal. It's simple really keep the ball in front you to take away the big play and things should go well.

We'll find out in 36 hours!