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What an Outstanding Defense!...USC 24 Oregon St. 3

The Thomas Interception
AP Photo-Mark J. Terrill via ESPN

Once again it wasn't pretty on offense. Dropped passes overthrown balls etc. I know I know Booty is getting back into his rhythm and he made some good throws but it just wasn't satisfying. How the hell do you go scoreless in the 2nd half on that secondary? I wasn't even impressed with the Beavers rush defense as we got a lot great runs tonight. I am still not convinced that the offense is clicking on cylinders. I mean we should have played well against these guys so nothing but a convincing win was what I would have expected.

The running game looked serviceable and McKnight looked good but he needs to tone down the all the juking on his runs and just put his head down and run. I am just not sure that we are making any progress with the running game in regards to getting a dominant running back and the play calling is still too conservative. The shotgun finally saw the light of day with mixed results.

The defense was just outstanding! Everson Griffen is an absolute stud with 3.5 sacks. He has really come on and will make a real big impact going forward. LoJack and Sedric also had some great games. Cushing had some great plays so it was nice to get him back in the game. There were some great plays over on defense and it is great to see them dominate even though it was against the Beavers. All the pressure the defense was getting caused the pocket to collapse on Canfield and he threw one pick and he had the ball stripped though OSU got it back.

So it was a feel good win and the defense played solid but the offense still just plods along. We will have more tomorrow, enjoy your evening.