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Update on the Coliseum Issue

Mike Garrett issued a statement in regards to the situation with the Coliseum.

You can read it here:

UCLA AD Dan Guerrero and Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn also issued statements which you can read on Brian Dohn's Blog.

This is obviously part of the negotiations. And it is all about strength, I think SC is in the right here; they have offered 100 Million Dollars of the universities funds to help with the renovations. The Coliseum Commission seems to think that the NFL will put a team in Los Angeles. That's a pipe dream and the NFL has told them that any new team will require a new stadium.

I'm not sure what the commission wants, but the control that they want to hang onto is paper-thin at best. SC is the hottest football ticket in LA and they drive a lot of money in to that part of LA more money would come in if there were renovations made. So that's where it is at least for now.

Plaschke had a good take today.

USC would never move out of a stadium so tied to the program that Pete Carroll recruits to it, boosters give big money to sit in it, and a departing Heisman Trophy winner once wept over it.

USC would never move out of a stadium where it has won 75% of its games while consistently selling nearly 100% of its tickets.

And, seriously, USC would never move to a stadium where it's the No. 2 tenant behind anybody or anything, particularly -- gasp -- UCLA.

SC won't play second fiddle to ucla ever. But this needs to get done and the longer it takes the worse the animosity gets.

Like I said yesterday, a bird in the hand...