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Chow and Leach interested in ucla?


Bruce Feldman has the story, though it's on the pay side of

Here is a taste:

Sources close to Texas Tech coach Mike Leach say he'd be thrilled to come to Westwood and take over the Bruin program. Leach loves Southern California and went to law school here at Pepperdine.

Leach's biggest competitor for the job ultimately could be QB guru Norm Chow.

A source close to the Tennessee Titans assistant said that Chow really wants the job.

I say fine to either one though I think Leach would have the inside track because of his head coaching experience.

There are questions with both. Chow's lack of head coaching experience, rumors are he doesn't interview well. Chow also makes abut 1.2 Million so ucla would be a pay cut.

And at least to me, Leach's ability to win especially in a less than stellar Big 12 where he looks to have been out recruited by Texas and Oklahoma, that is strictly my opinion as I write this. I will look it up later and correct it if I'm wrong.

As they say, developing...