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The AD wants to see you...bring your playbook!

Well, it has been a busy couple of days with a number of coaches already shown the door. In no particular order:

  • Houston Nutt
  • Bill Doba
  • Chan Gailey
  • Ed Oregeron
  • Bill Callahan
  • Coach Fran (already replaced by Mike Sherman)
  • Jeff Bower
And a few lesser names. You know who should be there shortly.

There are all sorts of rumors about replacements like Kirk Ferentz going to Michigan, Turner Gill or Bo Pellini going to Nebraska, Nutt going to Ole Miss etc. andof course te BIG question who will be the new guy across town.

As I said earlier we are lucky to have to have Pete Carroll, it won't last forever and some day PC will be on that list, but when you browse the internet and read the frustrations of a lot of teams who have underachieving coaches I thank god we are not a part of the madness.

It doesn't mean that things are perfect but I like where we are and hope it will last longer than some on that list.