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Post Game Thread: USC 44, Arizona State 24

That was a really solid effort by USC. There were definitely some penalties - including a couple of ones that in my totally unbiased opinion were complete crap - but the quality of play was high.

Some key stats from the game:

  • Booty threw no interceptions and was 26 / 39 for 375 yards
  • USC picked up 265 yards after the catch
  • ASU had 13 possessions, with 7 resulting in having to give up the ball: 5 punts, 1 fumble, and one over on downs
  • Rudy Carpenter was sacked 6 times for 39 yards in losses overall
  • Even if you exclude the sacks, ASU rushed for a total of 39 yards
  • Lo-Jack got 4 of the six sacks - a huge effort and the most for an SC player since 1989
Overall, this was a good performance by SC. Paragon and I were agreeing (via IM, because we're dorks) that it's amazing what you can do when you've got most of your starters healthy with some time to practice - and the calls make some sense.

It's a good win to carry some momentum for the ucla game, which is going to require similarly solid execution if SC wants to pick up a win over the talented but mercurial Bruins.

Your thoughts in the comments section, as you see fit...