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USC vs. Cal Animated Drive Chart

I cannot say thank you enough to Joel from Rocky Top Talk for all of his time, patience and generosity for all of the technical advice he gave me to set this up. You have no idea all that he did behind the scenes to set up the tutorials to teach me how to do all of this.

Joel showed me how to input all the data, logos and all the little things that make this a neat thing. The amount of code in these drive charts is incredible and Joel took many months to fine tune it and he is extremely generous in letting me use this. This does not include all the time he has helped me out with all the other little Flash things I've done or am working on and the million other HTML questions that I have asked him over the past year.

This past weekend Joel spent a considerable amount of time on line with me answering all the little questions I had and helping me double check my work. He is on Windows while I am on a Mac so there were a few glitches due to compatibility that had us scratching our heads but he figured it out and away we went. Joel is a true friend and a real gentleman and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Thanks Joel!!

So here it is, now that I am pretty comfortable in doing this. I will do this on our future games and hope to even do some of the past games of this season. Flash is a real addiction and I have jumped in with both feet, much to the dismay of my wife.

So enjoy!