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Hackett gets a Triple-Double

It was fun listening to the USC-usc game on the internet last night, though I will admit it could be tedious at times when I had to hit refresh to get the stream back. I briefly just wanted to put my .2 cents in on last nights game.

As AO mentioned in his game summary below, Daniel Hackett has had a great road trip to South Carolina.

O.J. Mayo took a pass from Daniel Hackett and went in for a dunk with five seconds left Saturday night at the Colonial Center, officially making it a double-digit doozy of a night for his teammate.

The late assist was the missing piece in Hackett's first career triple-double, which sparked USC to an 85-75 victory over South Carolina that helped the Trojans further distance themselves from an embarrassing home loss to Mercer.

The sophomore guard finished with 22 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists -- all career highs -- in front of a crowd that included 16 NBA scouts. It was believed to be the first triple-double by a USC player since the 1970s, a school spokesman said.

"O.J. Mayo is as good as advertised, Taj Gibson is a really good player, but as I was afraid, Daniel Hackett was the guy we couldn't control," South Carolina Coach Dave Odom said.

From listening on the radio it sounded like a fast paced game. Mayo seemed to force more than a few 3-point shots and there were some sloppy turnovers but SC found a way win this game. I can't say enough how important having Hackett in the line-up is he really directed this game and his leadership really set the tone.

So good things, or should I say cautiously optimistic, are going on with the basketball team now if we can just get everyone healthy.