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Washington Named Pac 10 Player of the Week

We have given Chauncey Washington his fair share of grief here on CC but his performance on Saturday night at Cal was an absolute spectacular performance. It was first time all season that SC actually showed they had a dominating running back. The running back by committee has been a clear indication that SC didn't have a dominant running back. I don't think we are out of the woods yet but this was great performance.

From Dan Weber in the Press-Enterprise:

Chauncey Washington did more than run for a career-high 220 yards in 29 carries Saturday in leading 11th-ranked USC to a must-have 24-17 win at Cal on Saturday, he also ended a seven-game USC drought in earning player of the week honors in the Pac-10.

The fifth-year senior gave the Trojans that signature big back USC's best teams have always had, Pete Carroll said, a back who "was obviously running hard ... a tackle-breaker who can run the ball downhill."

Washington said he took to heart Carroll's advice to run harder and Athletic Director Mike Garrett, a Heisman-winning USC tailback, saying he should "be patient, to take my time," Washington said of Garrett's coaching him the past two weeks.

"And then punish them," Washington said with a smile at how he pushed the pile forward for 5 more yards. He didn't have to watch the game tape to realize what he was doing, Washington said with a smile: "I could feel it in the game."

USC's previous player of the week was tailback Stafon Johnson after the Nebraska game Sept. 15.

Its nice to see Chauncey finally have a big game for us. It could not have happened at a better time. Chauncey had so much promise coming out of South Torrance High, my alma mater. His Coach at South High was Joe Austin, also a USC alum and close friend of my dad, really thought that Chauncey would have a great college career. Unfortunately his grades became the central issue in his not being able to play for two seasons and that hurt his progress.

So, a big thank you and congratulations to Chauncey for his hard work.