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A Little More on Booty/USC

Stewart Mandel has an interesting take on John David Booty and the program in general.

If he hasn't already, Carroll must come to grips with the fact that apparently, some people are irreplaceable -- like two renowned offensive coordinators (Norm Chow and Lane Kiffin, both now in the NFL), two straight Heisman QBs (Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart) and a pair of NFL receivers (Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett).

He must deal with the fact that USC's offense, specifically its passing game, is in shambles; that a quarterback, John David Booty, for whom he undoubtedly feels extreme loyalty (Booty skipped his final year of high school for Carroll, then waited nearly four years to see the field), is now hurting his team more than he's helping; and that his latest batch of blue-chip receivers simply isn't panning out. Booty, who injured a finger on his throwing hand in the first half Saturday yet for some reason played the rest of the way, has thrown six interceptions in two weeks, two of them returned for touchdowns. His third of the night set up Stanford's improbable game-winning drive.

Enough about a Chow, if PC wanted him to stay he would have found a way to make it work. He didn't so it is now in the past. As for Kiffin...please no one is missing him here. If Sarkisian is not up to the task then find someone who is. As I said earlier, Jarrett leaving early hurt this program because it left a void not only in talent but also in leadership. Pete carroll did what he could I'm sure to get him to stay but Jarrett went on his way...all the way to the bench in Carolina.

Booty will never be as good as Palmer or Leinart but he is our QB so we live with him and die with him no matter what through thick and thin. Of course we will question and critique but we need to keep it together.

There will be a lot gnashing of teeth and Mandel is right, this is a bit of a crisis so we will see how the team responds but more importantly we will see how Pete Carroll and his staff responds.