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ARE YOU KIDDING ME! - Stanford 24 USC 23

I am stunned to say the least

So there you go.

Enough of the hype.

I will be all over the place I this post so bear with me if I repeat or miss something.

I am not going to get crazy here; we were bound to lose sometime though I am surprised that it was against Stanford, at home. Lots of questions were answered tonight and even more have come up. The season is NOT over, it is a bad loss but it is a bump in the road. We still have games to play so we need to put it behind us but not before we figure out what just happened here tonight. Of course I have faith in our team and staff but that does not mean I happy tonight. The only question I have is where was Allen Bradford? With Johnson out and Gable done for the year I would have figured hat AB would have seen some time especially on that missed opportunity at the end of the first half. That is really my only question to Pete Carroll. I won't question the play calling and I won't hammer Sark they did their jobs by putting a game plan together the players DID NOT execute.

I'm not sure what to think, but I do know this, the injuries have definitely hurt us, and all the depth we have didn't matter tonight because we just didn't want it enough. The offensive line didn't help with protecting Booty. Booty played a terrible game with 4 INT's? I lost count. The receivers, outside of Davis, played a horrible game and the running game was anemic. I'm not sure what the game plan was but I can tell you Stanford wanted it more. The defense did a decent job but even they can't do it all, once again turnovers were the death of us.

I have been trying to find a way to figure out this team and I can't put my fingers on it. Maybe this is what they needed, who knows? I said earlier this week that I thought SC was getting to go on another run. I still feel that way but it has to start now. You think Mustain or Sanchez aren't licking their chops over this for next year.

I'm not sure what to make of Booty but he did not command this team tonight. He needed to be in Turner's and Ausberry's grill for dropping those passes. I'm not sure how to judge Booty's talent but what a difference a year makes. No Smith or Jarrett, guys who could make plays and hang on to the ball, makes it a lot tougher for Booty to get it done. That doesn't excuse his INT ratio, as that is atrocious. I won't kill the O line too much with all new role players are trying to settle in but they have had their chance and its time to knuckle down and make it happen.

It will be interesting to see how this team responds. We have seen them get back in the game like after the loss to Oregon State but I am not sure how this team will respond. With LSU losing things could be up in the air and after what we saw last season anything is possible. Once gain SC controls it's own destiny.

I am not happy about tonight but I won't throw in the towel. We need to fix some things and fix them now. We have been spoiled but now we need focus on the rest of the season and position ourselves to get back in it.

I will have more tomorrow evening.

This one hurts but at least we aren't going through what they are going through across town...using a third string QB, losing to winless ND 20-6 and playing like crap. Yeah, this loss sucks but I think I will take our scenario over that one any day of the week.