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Looks like Booty Will Start

Both LA papers are reporting that John David Booty has made significant progress while taking snaps with the first team pretty much clearing the way for his return to the starting lineup. Nothing is yet set in stone but the feeling is there. I have said before that I don't care who starts as long as we win so I am fairly ambivalent about this news. It would be hard to argue that Booty isn't proven and I think we all felt it was pretty clear that once healthy Booty would start again.

The three games that Sanchez started I'm sure gave him a wealth of confidence that will go a long way towards his competing for the starting job next season. Both quarterbacks bring certain qualities to the table. The tone of The Daily News article has a positive tone that is almost giddy.

USC coach Pete Carroll rarely forecasts what will happen, but he predicted big things for the Trojans' much-maligned offense, with an expanded playbook accompanying the return of quarterback John David Booty.

"I really think it will change this week," Carroll said. "I think we can make it go."

The problem here is that it is too little too late. SC is also looking to finally implementing the shotgun formation something that I think is also too little too late. To me they should have brought that out earlier to give opposing defenses a different look. To me it now it appears that the implementation of it is more to protect Booty and his nearly healed broken finger than it is a way to mix things up in the playbook.

A lot has been made of the conservative play calling and while I try not to be too critical because I'm just not on the side lines you have to call them like you see them. In yesterdays DN it was noted that the disaterous 4th and 1 play could have been averted if Sarkisian had called a timeout.

Regrettable decision: Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian said he regretted not calling a timeout before a controversial fourth-and-1 call at Oregon's 12-yard line that backfired when McKnight lost a yard and the Trojans turned the ball over on downs.

Sarkisian said he saw Oregon's defense shift to the side where the play went. USC believes the Ducks got confused by their formation and accidentally shifted to one side.

"When I look back at it, I should have called a timeout from the sideline," Sarkisian said.

Ironically, the shift created a gaping hole because no one lined up against the right guard, but Sarkisian said the play USC ran did not really allow for an audible.

Sarkisian said he realizes when USC loses, he becomes a target of criticism.

A couple of things here, this is averted in two ways: 1) Call the damn timeout! It's your offense not calling the timeout sets the offense up to fail and we all saw the results. 2) This also goes towards player development. We have seen experienced QB's recognize defensive schemes and call the necessary audibles to counter those adjustments. That comes with developing the QB. Player development has been on the downslide since the big there left (Chow, Oregeron and Davis) and until it improves this will continue to happen.

Sarkisian realizing he will take the heat when SC loses is garbage. He will take the heat regardless if the play calling doesn't improve over all. USC is not on the job training yet Sarkisian continues to either miss things that puts SC into trouble or he keeps the playbook shut because he doesn't want to blow the confidence of a young QB. This was not supposed to be the case when Kiffin left yet here we are right back where we were last season with the same un imaginative play calling with no solution in sight.

Beating the Beavers on Saturday I guess is supposed to make us feel good because it gives us some revenge for last season but we should win this game without even thinking about it. I man its not like the Beavers are a power house...but we said the same thing about Stanford too...

Go figure.