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BlogPoll Ballot - Week #9

With Ohio States solid win over Penn State they move into the top spot. I didn't see all of that game but what I did see was pretty impressive. LSU had a bye week but because of tOSU's win they drop to #2. It will be interesting to see how they do against Nick Saban and Alabama this weekend. Boston College drops to #6 with their less than impressive performance against VA Tech, I realize that Matt Ryan was impressive in the last five minutes of this game but the overall performance shows me what could be ahead.

ASU moves to #3 after a very impressive win against Cal, whose wheels have completely fallen off, to take control of the Pac-10. ASU has their showdown against Oregon who moves up 2 spots after their very impressive win against USC. Dennis Dixon has put himself in contention for the Heisman and whoever wins on Saturday has a shot for the MNC. Personally, I need to pull for Oregon because when we beat ASU with Oregon hopefully going to the MNC, USC could end up in the Fiesta Bowl. Yes it's a long shot but anything is possible.

Kansas hangs in at #5 simply because I think the teams ahead of them have a better body of work. Big mover in my poll are Georgia with a dominant win over Florida and UConn as they continue to lead the Big East though WVU is still a more complete team. Tennessee also gets a big jump with their win over South Carolina, that was an exciting game! Michigan has also made some movement with their win over Minnesota.

Then there is USC. I almost dropped them out of my poll completely but the loss to Oregon was clearly against a better team that is highly ranked with a great offense. The USC defense played a decent game for the most part though there were some plays that left me scratching my head, which I have talked about ad nausea.


Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State 1
2 LSU 1
3 Arizona State 1
4 Oregon 2
5 Kansas --
6 Boston College 3
7 Oklahoma --
8 West Virginia --
9 Missouri 3
10 Georgia 16
11 Connecticut 15
12 Texas 2
13 Michigan 7
14 Hawaii 2
15 Tennessee 11
16 Auburn 5
17 South Florida 8
18 Virginia Tech 8
19 Colorado 7
20 South Carolina 5
21 Alabama 2
22 Kentucky 9
23 Southern Cal 6
24 Florida 13
25 Wake Forest 1

Dropped Out: Virginia (#18), Penn State (#19), UCLA (#22), Rutgers (#24), California (#25).