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The Morning Rush

CJ Gable will miss the rest of the season because of his recurring groin injury that will require surgery.

USC sophomore tailback C.J. Gable does not like surgery, but he is scheduled to undergo an operation as soon as this week on his chronically strained groin and will be sidelined for the rest of the season.

"I don't like surgery period," Gable said Tuesday. "I don't want to do it."

However, Gable is scheduled to have surgery performed by doctors who performed abdominal surgery on former USC tailback Sultan McCullough during the 2001 season.

Gable will meet with USC coach Pete Carroll today. He was told he could play the rest of the season in pain, but he could redshirt this season if he undergoes surgery.

I hope to have a write-up on this surgery later this week.

As mentioned in the diaries Stanford QB T.C. Ostrander is out for this weekends game against SC due to a seizure that he had this past weekend. Tests were negative but he will sit as a precautionary measure.

Ostrander had a seizure Sunday afternoon in a nearby restaurant while watching television with his family and teammate Moore as former Stanford quarterback Trent Edwards led the Buffalo Bills over the New York Jets.

The fifth-year senior collapsed, hit his head, and was taken to Stanford Hospital. He was then released in a few hours. He was back in school for classes Monday but is being held out of Saturday's game against the Trojans as a precaution.

We wish him the best and hope everything turns out ok.

Pete Carroll turned the tables a bit on Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh in regards to his comments prior to the season.

Pete Carroll apparently just could not resist.

Ask ed Tuesday to assess the job Jim Harbaugh is doing as Stanford's first-year coach, Carroll praised the former NFL quarterback's competitive attitude and said, among other things, "Jimmy never did make himself into a statesman. . . . He's not real politically correct all the time, and I don't think he cares."

After Carroll completed a lengthy answer, he paused five seconds for dramatic effect, then added, "He has not checked in with me about any of my career moves. I expect a call late in the week."

Carroll's final statement was in reference to comments Harbaugh made last spring when he said Carroll would be at USC only one more year.

Tweaking Carzy Jim is always a good thing.

Also from that same article, Stafon Johnson is also unlikely to play against Stanford this weekend because of his bruised foot.

Sophomore Stafon Johnson (foot bruise) did not practice and appears unlikely to play against Stanford. Senior Chauncey Washington sat out the final drills because of numbness in his right shoulder, but he said he would return today.

Sophomore Allen Bradford got extensive work with the first-team offense.

Tell me again about having too much depth at the running back spot?

Editors Note: I am having some issues with my mobile internet connection so posting during the day will spotty unless I can hook up to a WiFi signal in the city today. I am also going to Chicago on business for the day tomorrow so I expect to out all day. Finally it my wife's birthday this weekend so I am taking away for the weekend on Friday morning, for all she puts up with me it is the least I can do. I will have a game thread up and hopefully some sporadic posting but I should be back in the game Sunday evening.

Thanks for your patience.