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WeAreSC article - worth a read

There's been a lot of back and forth on CC about what's up with the Trojans, play calling, offense, etc. has an article that does a good job of bringing all that context to looking at the Oregon game. Eric McKinney spends a fair bit of time talking about how instead of "Thunder and Lightning," we're seeing "penalties and turnovers." He also spends some time pointing out that the Wide Receivers are showing real signs of improvement.

However, I think the most interesting section is about the play-calling on offense:

Besides that one play, the biggest issue that I'm having with the offensive playcalling over the past few games has been the refusal to stick with what's working. It's almost like Steve Sarkisian is one step ahead of being one step ahead, which puts him right back at the beginning and squarely in the sights of opposing defenses.

[...] the Trojans guessed wrong, went with Plan B from the start, and were forced to play from behind all day long.

It's an interesting read - well worth a look.