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GameDay Open Thread USC vs. Oregon

I wanted to write a more detailed game preview of todays game but I have been fighting a nasty cold which has just worn me out so my apologies for the lack of attention on this big game.

Today's game against Oregon will be the toughest test SC will face so far this year. Sloppy play, injuries and an untested QB will make for an interesting game in Autzen. The Ducks have been a roll and have a high-flying offense with a very mobile and capable QB in Dennis Dixon. Many of the pundits are picking Oregon and act as if SC is in dire straits. Yes, I'm looking at you Dan LeBatard.

The reason that so many are leery of SC's chances I this game is because of all the hype they gave them at the start of the season. I could see where you could look at our defense and say WOW! But there were questions about the offense from the word go and anyone who was paying attention saw it as well. But lets not get carried away SC is not some Pop Warner team they have had some big games in the past and the veterans on this team know how to win.

While heaps of praise has been given to the Oregon offense lets not forget that Oregon had a great offense the past two seasons going into their game against SC only to lose. They have run virtually the same offense this season as last season but this year the difference seems to be in Oregon's new OC. I have read elsewhere that that SC's schedule looks less than stellar when you look at the performances of the teams we have played, that's fine but Oregon's isn't much better. We haven't seen a mobile QB quite like this season but Oregon hasn't seen a defense like SC's either so this could be a real titanic battle.

The game plan is simple, contain Dixon and you improve your chances of winning. I'm past guaranteeing wins simply because anything can happen but containing Dixon is the key. Simply stated if we win we are in the hunt for the Pac-10 Championship, lose and we probably go to Vegas.

I feel good about today. This team, for the most part, has always stood up to the challenge of tough games. Today is one of those games.

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