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USC 17 Oregon 24

What should have been - Photo: ESPN

So where do we go from here?

I said in July that we would lose a game possibly two. We are now at that threshold. I think the defense played a pretty good game today. The 14 points off of turnovers, with short a field were our downfall. Defensive penalties don't bother me as much as offensive and special teams penalties. We had two on offense that either stalled drives or brought a score back. Those piss me off and it looks like there is nothing PC can do to fix it.

I liked the fact that SC kept fighting by trying to claw back into this game, but we shouldn't be put in that position at all. We get turnovers on muffed kicks by Oregon and all we get is 3 points!

I have seen a number of comments about Norm Chow and how the offense has sputtered since his departure. It is time to get over it and move on, there is no one like him and he is never coming back so stop whining about it! Pete Carroll is sticking with Sarkisian and that is it. Part of the problem is receivers not catching the ball and no dominant running back. We have no deep threat on receiver and that makes defense not worry about giving up the big play.

I like Mark Sanchez as the starter. I wasn't happy with that INT's, as the last one sealed the game but his heart and his mobility kept things going and without it could have been much worse.

The Duck Defense was as good in the Red Zone as we thought so props to them!

There will a lot to discuss in the coming days. Penalties, to me are the key and they put us in bad field position of shut down drives.

Feel free to discuss, this is our post game thread...