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Matt Ryan and SMQ save the day

Well. I was about to give up on the BC - VT game because - as I indicated to Paragon at some point towards the end of the first half - it was shaping up to be the game where offense went to die... and then Matt Ryan dug deep and got the Eagles down the field twice to silence the Hokies faithful.

You may remember that earlier in the week Paragon mentioned that I was going to do a "state of the Pac 10" post. Well, I was wondering when work was going to subside enough to get to it, and then SMQ took care of it in his usual inimitable fashion.

One advantage of that is that he wrote something I was thinking, but without the same obvious potential for accusations of bias:

There's also no guarantee the same Bruins won't be forgiven their out-of-conference sins if they somehow close the regular season with a championship-securing run over ASU, Oregon and, for the second year in a row, USC. But imagine that scenario from the skeptical, infamously detached gaze of the alleged East/South/Midwest bias: UCLA is the best team in the conference? The team that completely collapsed and fell out of the rankings for good after a 44-6 loss at Utah, the week before the Utes were shut out by UNLV? (they would probably ask this) That served as fodder for the only remotely positive segment of the Irish's schedule? (they would definitely ask this) And there's supposed to be another team out there good enough to come inside the velvet rope? I wish to stress again that UCLA, even at 6-2 and 4-0 in-conference, is currently unranked.

He also points out that whoever doesn't win at Autzen stadium this weekend is effectively out of contention for the conference. No pressure then.