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BlogPoll Ballot - Final Week #8

Dropped Out: Cincinnati (#14), Tennessee (#18),
Texas Tech (#22), Illinois (#24).

A quick note - I made a mistake in putting AZ St. and BC where they are. They should have been left where they were last week as they both had Bye Weeks.

Things are getting a little more interesting with the polls as the season progresses.

Brian at M GO Blog has this weeks Blog poll up. Here is my allot from last week for reference.

As much as I dislike Les Miles, I put LSU at #1 in my poll because of LSU pulling out the win against Auburn. Sooner or later though Loud Mouth Les is going to get burned with some of these risky plays. The LSU defense has shown their weaknesses in the past and I would not be surprised if they had another loss before the season ends. There is no question that LSU is a great team but they are clearly not invulnerable.

I'm just not buying into Ohio State. They have a pretty good defense but that schedule is not exactly tough and last weekends win was unimpressive. I think they have a real shot to lose against Penn St. You can fly under the radar for so long and unless you are tested under fire I think it's easy to lose focus when you are coasting through easy wins. Tressel will have them ready to play but I'm just sure that they will be tested enough.

BC while still being undefeated just doesn't do anything for me and I suspect they will lose a game removing them out of the discussion, but for now they stay in the top 5. (see my note above). I think VA Tech will win their game tomorrow night. West Virginia continues to hang around though the Big East has not lived up to the hype from last season WVU is still a pretty god team so I'm not surprised that they continue to hang around.

Arizona state and Oregon could very well be competing for the Pac 10 title. I obviously think that SC will beat the Ducks while Dennis Erickson gets his first real test against Cal, who is sure to be in a very bad mood after their loss to ucla. I'm not sure what Tedford was thinking by starting a less than 100% Nate Longshore, it was apparent that Longshore was not as effective as he could be if he wasn't injured. Psycho Dennis has also flown underneath the radar, which might not be a bad thing for his young team. The spotlight is about to shine brightly upon them.

You gotta love Kansas! I know the Big 12 is having a bit of a down year but this is a great thing for these guys and some new blood in the Big 12 is kind of cool. Mizzou is still laying some great ball and they will not go away just yet. Of course Oklahoma is still the front-runner to me because they just have too many weapons. Texas is hanging around but those two losses without a conference championship will make it tough for them to get to a major bowl game.

Florida is still playing pretty good and is still the best 2-loss team out there. They are hardly out of it yet and I would not be surprised if they find a way to get into the mix at the end of the season.

As for USC, I kept them right where they are because there was still some sloppy play against ND particularly on special teams. It was great to see Mar Sanchez have a fairly flawless performance but I just can't too excited because it was against ND. If we beat them 70-0, with no penalties on special teams and if they didn't continue to drop some passes I would have moved them up but I still se some very undisciplined play and I just can't move them up. Beat Oregon and I will be impressed, beating ND was a feel good win that instilled confidence in Sanchez and some of the receivers but what we saw last Saturday needs to happen this Saturday. That will go a long way to getting SC back on track and back in the hunt for a BCS title, though I think it's a long shot with their current computer ranking.