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Southern California fires

Atypically for a USC blog, Paragon and I are both on the east coast, so we're plainly a bit removed from the fires ravaging southern California. Nonetheless, I still have pretty clear memories of the Wheeler Fire in 1985 (I went to HS in Ojai) and how bad the damage was from that; these fires plainly are going to dwarf that one.

Accordingly, we wanted to join the SBN blogs covering teams in the southland in putting up an open thread for those who are affected by, or just need to blow off some steam about, these fires. There are also a few links for information, and you can check for more localized suggestions at the other blogs as well.

Everyone out west, please stay safe.

The SBN threads:

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News and Other Resources:

Los Angeles Times

San Diego County

Orange County

San Bernardino County

Los Angeles County

Ventura County

Santa Barbara County

American Red Cross