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Dwyer's in Booty's Corner

First there was Plaschke's article supporting Sanchez and now you have Dwyer supporting Booty.

Gotta love Dwyer's take today on the slow burning QB controversy at USC. The opening line is meant to disarm but then he jumps right in and offers his take. Of course this is the way it's supposed to be otherwise no one would read his column.

Pete Carroll doesn't have a quarterback controversy. The rest of us do.

The USC coach is handling this little wrinkle as he handles most others. With a smile and a shrug.

This is a no-brainer. It is not a matter of who, but of when. This is John David Booty's football team. It has been since last fall and will continue to be, as soon as the broken middle finger on his passing hand is healed well enough for him to fire away again.

The Mark Sanchez arguments are compelling only if your vision stops at your nose.

I would agree that with the loyalty factor that Pete Carroll does live by, even though it's subtle, it would be hard to disagree that Booty wouldn't start if he was healthy. I can see where Booty may have earned the starting spot. But I have been very clear that I could care less who starts as long as we win, but I also want the starter to be consistent in his play. Yes, mistakes will happen but I am talking about the whole body of work.

Every move Sanchez makes now only helps him in the future as he and Mustain compete for the job next season. His confidence builds as he progresses. Sanchez throwing two tipped passes only shows me that it can happen to anyone not just John David Booty and as long as there isn't any negative consequence to those tipped passes then to me it's nothing more than a play that's in the past. I get what Dwyer is trying to say here but the fact is Booty is still injured so to me the point is moot. When Booty is healed then we can worry about how things shake out and then we can let the speculation begin.

Booty not being 100% is reason enough not to start him as we saw the results of that against Stanford. Sanchez is on a bit of a roll, albeit a very small one, but in the end the question is what is best for the team? I will leave that up to the coaches, as that is what they get paid for.