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GameDay Open Thread USC vs. Notre Dame

So what team will show up today?

Once again, all I want is consistency. Turnovers and sacks will come if we play our game and keep our emotions in check. ND will come out with the Green Jerseys but I'm not worried about nostalgia. Charlie Weis has already used them enough times in his short career at ND that they don't mean the same as they used to.

Sharpley is a decent QB and he can obviously make plays as we saw last week against BC but he has a pretty weak offensive line that has given up 34 sacks so hopefully SC can make a meal of it and get some sack production today. That can also work in our favor in the turnover department another area where we are desperately lacking. I really want to see SC regain some of their confidence today. I could care less that it is against ND, as bad as they are, it just one game at a time.

Sanchez needs to come out confident and take control of this game early. He can't force it today, he just needs to play smart. The receivers need to get their act together as a poor performance against this sub par ND defense does not help matters. The Offensive line will hopefully come together and give Sanchez the time and protection he needs to have a solid game. Stanley Havili will be key here, as his added blocking duties will go a long way to help protecting Sanchez.

So there is a lot on the line today and dhow were fare today will answer a lot of questions as we go int the tougher part of our schedule.

Please leave your comments, questions or general rants here.