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Playing with Fire

Mark Sanchez has taken all the snaps with the first unit this week while John David Booty has been throwing with a glove to protect his broken finger. Its obvious that by keeping Sanchez in with the first team he can continue to get comfortable while Booty works himself back into shape. My only quibble is why hasn't Sanchez been named the starter? Does anyone really think that Booty will be 100% for this weekends game, I don't so I am amused at all the drama around this.

I'm a big team chemistry kind of guy and I understand that I obviously don't know everything going on behind the scenes but it would seem to me that the lack of a soild commitment as to who starts could have an affect on this weekends game at Notre Dame. With all the new faces on the line who haven't been getting first team reps for most of the season a last second switch could throw some things off in a real game situation. These new guys have been working with Sanchez all week and now they might have to work with Booty on the fly because no decision has been made.

USC quarterback Mark Sanchez has not been told officially that he will make his second start on Saturday against Notre Dame, but the third-year sophomore appears on track to do just that.

While senior John David Booty continued to show good progress coming back from a broken finger, Sanchez took all of the first-unit snaps Wednesday.

"I'm trying to get as crisp as I can, get the timing down with these receivers and have no excuses coming into this game," Sanchez said.

Coach Pete Carroll again said he would not rush to name a starter.

But Booty has not taken a snap under center since breaking the middle finger on his right hand against Stanford nearly two weeks ago.

"Mark's preparing to start and that's why I'm talking to him as the starter," Carroll said, adding, "What could change is John feels great and he can throw the ball really well. That might be something that we make that choice on as we get close to game time."

I have said it before, I am a "leave no doubt" kind of guy and I am concerned because this could be a bit of a problem after what I wrote here about our reserves on the line not really having all tools that are needed. I could care less who starts I just want to win but I do think that not making a definitive decision does mess with the am chemistry that is pretty fragile right now as guys step up to new roles with very little preparation or real game experience.

As I write this maybe Pete Carroll has already made the decision, I just prefer to lave no doubt. Call me crazy; call me old-fashioned I just don't want to chance a stupid loss because guys don't have their head in the game because of all the ups and downs.