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Morning Report

Intrigue at the QB Position? John David Booty looked impressive in his first real workout this week adding speculation that he could see some action or even start against Notre Dame on Saturday. We'll see how that works out.

Former USC running back Michael Coleman looks to return to USC next season after attending classes at Riverside Community College. His poor academic standing forced him to leave SC. If he were to return there would be less competition then there was while was here. I'll worry about that next season, but it is great to hear that Coleman has rededicated himself.

I noted earlier that junior Evan Sharpley will start against SC on Saturday. But in reading some of the regional coverage for ND like the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune I reading his comments, I am simply amazed as to how Coach Weis handles this situation. Maybe it's just me, but his trying to treat this situation like a pro team only makes thing more uncomfortable for everybody. Go figure. Clausen should have had this year to get comfortable with the system before throwing him into the lions den, but that's just me.

There was a bit of a rumor on the Sporting News about the possibility of ucla firing Karl Dorrell mid-season. Of course our friends from across town jumped all over it, but once the rumor in question was taken down from the article it only added to the speculation. This matters because whomever they get to replace Dorrell either now or for next season will shape our rivalry with ucla for years to come. I got a kick out of the comments on Dohn's blog and the subsequent comments in response to this whole mess. Yes I read the comments, you know keep your friends close and keep you enemies closer. Besides I like getting my entertainment included with my price of admission.

To me the firing of Nebraska's AD Steve Pederson and the interim replacement of Tom Osborne shows that some programs will not hesitate to pull the trigger. But it also depends on the program. This may not have any bearing on USC but it shows just how serious some programs take their sports. Nebraska has a proud history and their fans are some of the most knowledgeable, passionate and the downright friendliest fans out there. But for an institution to pull this off the need to have 100% conviction in reasoning for doing so. The question is has does that bode for Callahan?

Later today I will have my Final BlogPoll for this week up and we hopefully start our roundtable with Blue-Gray Sky.