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It's Notre Dame Week!

With both teams struggling right now this game has lost a bit of its luster this year but it is still a great rivalry and it has seen some great games.

I for one am fired up for this game because it is a chance to see SC on the road with a new QB. It will also be their first time on the road since their game against Stanford. SC still has a lot of questions with all the injuries we have had and the less than stellar play from the receivers.

Coach Weis' benching of Jimmy Clausen in favor Evan Sharpley signals Notre Dame's dissatisfaction at the quarterback position. That coupled with another player leaving Notre Dame this week making that the 4th sophomore to leave this year. The questions continue to mount about the state of things in South Bend.

Things of course aren't completely peachy at SC as we have our own issues, and Wolf seems to think that the aura is gone at SC with all that has happened in the last 2 games.

There's been a pretty significant shift in thinking in just two weeks. Even last year, after the Oregon State loss, the main talking point was that the national championship was still a possibility.

But the program seems to be more in survival mode right now. When Cal's upset loss to Oregon State came up in discussion and how the Bears' loss would not help USC's strength of schedule rating, a member of the program said, "You think we're worried about a national championship?''

I am one that is also not worried about another shot at an MNC. We do have some things that need to be addressed and players that need to get healthy as we head into the tougher part of the schedule.

We will have a roundtable with the guys over at Blue Gray Sky. And I will try to look back at some of the more special games in this rivalry.

So... chin up fella's its Notre Dame week!