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The First BCS Poll is Released

If you could stand to watch the announcement on Fox then you are a better man than me. I'm no fan of Terry Bradshaw but I do like Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson. At least Johnson knows the college game. Too much hype as if we didn't know how the polls were going to go.

Ohio State is on top of all the polls as the voters and the computers have put them on top after both LSU and Cal fell from the ranks of the unbeaten.

Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
South Florida South Florida Boston College
Boston College Boston College South Florida
Oklahoma LSU Oklahoma
LSU Oklahoma LSU
South Carolina South Carolina Oregon
Oregon Kentucky West Virginia
Kentucky Arizona State South Carolina
West Virgina West Virgina Cal (tie)
Cal Oregon USC (tie)

I am little surprised that SC fell in the AP poll even with a win but at this point the polls are unimportant, we just need to win. I'm not convinced that tOSU is the best team in the nation with the schedule they have, they have a pretty good defense but the only competition they have played is against Washington.

I will be honest the last thing I am worried about is the BCS title game. We need to get healthy and win some tough road games before we can worry about that. If we take care of our business the rest will take care of itself.