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More upsets - when will the madness end?

So while you all were trying to decide how pleased to be that SC didn't quite shit the bed for a second week in a row, the college football gods were wreaking havoc again.

LSU lost to Kentucky in triple overtime, 43 - 37, on the strength of an Andre Woodson touchdown followed by the Kentucky defense stopping LSU on four straight running plays including a 4th & 2.

So Cal took the field at Memorial Stadium against Oregon State - the same Oregon State who were pummeled by Cincinnati - with a chance to play for the top spot in the polls. Result? Cal 28, Oregon State 31. I watched the last quarter or so and it was an incredibly exciting game, with Cal losing on the last play when their redshirt freshman QB got confused on 1st and goal with 16 seconds and tried to run for a RD - straight into an OSU linebacker. Game over.

Somehow, when the Cal faithful were thinking that Cal was now poised to do what SC had done, I bet that they didn't have an upset at home in mind. I felt genuinely bad for their QB - doing his best, had driven the length of the field after avoiding a sack in his own end zone, etc., only to have it all fall apart as a result of inexperience.

LSU... well, I don't take any satisfaction from the score, but I'm not crying for them either. They'll be back with a vengeance, I suspect.

BTW, what are the odds that Arkansas fans will be using FBI-grade monitoring equipment to intercept Houston Nutt's cell phone use? Pretty good, I'd say. I suppose that tOSU will be number 1 in the polls tomorrow. Eurgh.