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A Struggle... USC 20 Arizona 13

It wasn't pretty but I'll take it...

Here is the Game Recap and the Box Score.

Once again Freddie Comes Through...
Photo: ESPN

This game was up and down to say the least as it was a struggle from the word go. I have no idea where to start.

Mark Sanchez was up and down for most of the game until the 4th qtr. where he finally got some things going. Joe McKnight finally showed us what he is all about though he almost gave it up with a fumble which he recovered beep in AZ territory late in the game. SC continues to get nailed by the injury bug with San Baker going down with a high hamstring pull that put the line in a very precarious position and it really affected the running game.

Sanchez gets his first win in his first start and while the knives were coming out on some of the other sites I think he did well enough to win here. I did not expect a lot out of his first game but I did want to see some consistent play. For the most part we got that even with a battered offensive line. The receivers once again dropped some passes but they were better than they were last week.

The running game did well when they had room to run but there were some times when the Arizona defense was beating the USC offensive line and stopping the run they also got some pressure on Sanchez sacking him at least twice. McKnight was the star of the show; he had a 40-yard punt return and a 59-yard run after the Trojans were pinned inside the one-yard line after an 83-yard Arizona punt. McKnight's fumble, which he recovered deep in Arizona territory, was enough to give you a heart attack. SC ended up getting a field goal to put the lead at 7 points with a minute left in the game. I was disappointed not to have seen Bradford in the game but at least the running game was more consistent than last week.

I am still frustrated at how SC continues to play opposing offenses soft, allowing opposing receivers to get 7-10 yards on those short dink and dunk passes. There were times in this game where the defense was not getting any pressure on Tuitama even when they rushed 6 players. It seemed that Arizona had figured our defensive scheme out and was keeping the front 7 at bay.

Sanchez throwing 2 picks was disconcerting. The 2nd one was more off a concern as it looked like he threw it right at the Arizona defender. The first one was a bit under thrown but Ronald Johnson should have had a better presence of the ball and come back to it or thwart the defender from making the play.

We will have more tomorrow but tonight even with all the questions lets enjoy this win and look at it more carefully tomorrow.

This is our post-game thread.