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GameDay Open Thread - Arizona vs. USC

So how will the team respond this week after its devastating loss to Stanford last week? Mark Sanchez gets the call in his first start at USC. This game has a lot of ramifications as SC starts to get into the meat of its schedule in a couple of weeks.

There really aren't any keys to the game here, as SC just needs to get back on track.

As we have discussed time and again that the receivers need to step up and hang on to the ball. The offensive line is banged up but they need to get Sanchez time to allow the play to come together. The line also needs to make some room for the running backs to do their thing.

Sanchez needs to keep the first start jitters in check and focus on making smart plays. There is no need to hit a home run in this game, hit singles and move the ball down the field.

The defense needs to do what they have been doing, outside of the 4th qtr against Stanford, and just keep the pressure up.

All the clichés are in full force today: one game at a time, one play at a time, here and now etc.etc.

I finally shelled out for GamePlan so I will be on line running the thread.

Leave your questions comment or general rants here.