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Midnight Madness!!

So as we keep a close eye on the football team Basketball starts up with practice that officially starts at midnight.

The free event, which starts after the women's volleyball game between USC and Oregon that begins at 7 p.m., will mark the unofficial debut of what might be the most heralded recruiting class in school history, led by standout guard O.J. Mayo.

The Trojans' first Midnight Madness since 2002 will also give fans a chance to celebrate the team's school-record 25-victory season and Sweet 16 appearance in the NCAA tournament.

The event will include a dunk contest, a three-point-shooting competition and a 10-minute scrimmage. The women's basketball team will also participate and conduct a separate scrimmage.

"We're trying to change the profile of how we're viewed not only nationally but locally, and Midnight Madness is a part of that," Floyd said. "I have no idea if we'll have 100 people show up or 7,000, but there's only one way to find out, and that's to try it.

"Hopefully, there will be some curiosity about this great recruiting class that we have coming in and the excitement that we have going on around our program, and people will show up."

I have no doubt that there will be a lot of interest in tonight's practice. SC basketball has come a long way but it still has a way to go.

There is a lot of excitement with O. J. Mayo making his debut. We were pleasantly surprised last season with SC doing pretty good in the tournament. But with a lot of new faces and the top three scorers on to the NBA Coach Tim Floyd has some work to do to get SC settled in quick. And with the team from across town expected to be highly ranked and favored to once again to go deep into the tourney SC needs to be on their game as there are a number of good teams once again in the Pac-10.

Here is a look back from last season:

So basketball season is here and it will be fun to watch!