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Focus, people, focus

I just got an email - and maybe you did also, dear reader - from the USC Athletic Department, which read thus:

The USC Athletic Department and Trojan Football Team are encouraging all fans to wear Cardinal to Saturday's game at the Coliseum.

"The fans can have a tremendously positive impact on the game atmosphere and our players, and it would be a unique show of solidarity if they all wore our school colors," coach Pete Carroll said Tuesday. "Come out, cheer loud and wear cardinal in support of the Trojans this Saturday."

This may be my prejudice, but there's nothing I like less than deliberately color coordinating the fans. A monochrome supporters' section isn't intimidating, a LOUD stadium is.

"But DC, what about places like Lane Stadium and the Maroon and Orange Effect?"

The Hokies are loud, no doubt, but so was the anarchic mob posing as a football crowd at Tiger Stadium last Saturday in Baton Rouge. Wearing the same colors isn't a substitute for decibels.

I understand that PC could hardly make a statement along the lines of "Look I know we sucked last weekend but coming to boo us, or skipping the game, isn't going to help." I understand that the Athletic Department can hardly send out an email saying "Please don't boo."

But seriously people, don't spend your time trying to manufacture visual solidarity - just get the best team on the field, give them the best calls you can, explain to them that they can't mail in a performance this week, and let the chips fall where they may.

Fight On, Beat the Wildcats!