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Sanchez gets the Call

No surprise here as everyone figured he would start but why did it take so long to announce?


BREAKING NEWS: Sanchez to start Saturday
10-11-2007 4:19 pm

Mark Sanchez will start Saturday's game against Arizona, Coach Pete Carroll announced Thursday afternoon.

Sanchez, a redshirt sophomore, will be making his first career start.

John David Booty's finger injury on his throwing hand did not allow him to practice this week, but Carroll said he will be prepared to play if needed this weekend.

"We're unsure of John David's ability to be effective with his finger injury, but he's going to be available on Saturday if necessary," Carroll said.

Here is Sanchez's statement:

Mark Sanchez's statement
10-11-2007 6:27 pm

"I'm excited about the opportunity. I'm approaching it the same way I have all week, with focus and preparation. I'm glad John David and all the quarterbacks have supported me and are in my corner. I'm just trying to get us a win on Saturday. The coaches have prepared me well for this. I've watched film and studied the plays, and now I'm ready to play."

So the kid will get his first start, let see what he can do...